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Couture De Fleur was established in 2013 by Master Floral Artist Jeanette Walsh who being a true romantic at heart embarked upon a passionate and creative journey that became Couture de Fleur. Following her years of travelling, falling in love with flowers and life Jeanette found her own true love and inspiration through capturing the artistic beauty in the hearts of others. Being a floral artist for many years it seemed perfect to suggest that brides could have the pleasure to adoringly cherish their wedding flowers for many years to come and even hand them down to future generations. Bespoke and timeless designs to capture a moment in time and bring your heirloom wedding florals into the life and hearts of those you love. Would you like to view our brochure? Click here.


Couture De Fleur

Each Couture de Fleur creation is exclusively one of a kind. With natural creative flair and flawless attention to detail each bouquet and adornment has been designed with a unique and true reflection of individuality. We are passionate about the high standard of our workmanship and bespoke handcraft. Ultimately it becomes a vision of inspiration, experience and true love. An element of elegance to be remembered and eternally cherished.


Couture De Fleur

It's not hard to find inspiration from the beautiful coastline of her Dublin hometown where Jeanette now expertly specializes in heirloom bridal florals. Sourcing only the highest quality silks, fabrics and ornate curios brings personality and character to each design. It is paramount that no form of plastics or foam is used during our creative process ensuring only timeless luxurious elements of design that can be dearly treasured.


Couture De Fleur

Whether you choose a simple heirloom bouquet or an exclusive custom collection of keepsake flowers there are so many possibilities. We can also offer to include any precious family heirlooms in your design. It is a wonderful way to appreciate and include your bridal party by giving them a unique and meaningful part of your celebration. Also an excellent choice for destination weddings giving you style and control of your wedding florals and a precious keepsake of your celebration.

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