Unique Heirloom, Brooch & Wedding Bouquets Handcrafted in Ireland

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Couture De Fleur was established in 2013 by Master Floral Artist Jeanette Walsh who being a true romantic at heart embarked upon a passionate and creative journey that has become Couture de Fleur. Jeanette finds her own true love and inspiration through capturing the artistic beauty in the hearts of others. Being a floral artist for many years it seemed perfect to suggest that brides could have the pleasure to keep and cherish their wedding flowers for many years to come and even hand them down to future generations. Luxury silk bridal designs to capture a moment in time and bring your heirloom wedding florals into the life and hearts of those you love.

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*Photography by Katie Kav & Brian Campbell


Couture De Fleur

Luxury elements we use to create our bridal bouquets include precious silks, lace, linens & velvets. Exclusive & select vintage brooches, ornate silk flowers, swarovski crystals, semi precious pearls, luminescent jewels and antiquegems, gold and copper gilding. Brides also have the choice to include personal family heirlooms to compliment their unique wedding flowers and design. We do not use any form of plastics or foam and each bouquet is delicately finished with a full Irish linen handle to compliment the design.


Couture De Fleur

Jeanette a pioneer of handcraft finds all the romantic inspiration she desires from the beautiful coastline of her Dublin hometown where she now specializes in heirloom bridal flowers at her seaside studio. Creating timeless luxury bouquets and designs for brides and grooms all over the world. These keepsake silk bouquets and floral accessories are a perfect choice for destination weddings, warm climates and just about any event location. Worldwide shipping available on request. Each bouquet takes a minimum of 3 months to complete.


Couture De Fleur

Our luxury silk flower and brooch bouquets are each one of a kind with a reflection of true individuality and ornate style. Elegant and alternative bridal designs that are crafted with love to last a lifetime and beyond. Creations for modern, vintage and alternative brides who are seeking the most unique wedding flowers. Let us join your love story and create your one of a kind keepsake bridal bouquet. Custom and pre-­crafted designs available on request and via our online shop.

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